The Shimshock Success Methodology

Shimshock Group Success Methodology

Our Shimshock Success methodology emphasizes reducing releases into discrete and manageable phases of work.  Doing so accelerates the achievement of benefits, and mitigates overall risk.

An iterative approach is set as the project’s foundation during the initial design process.  The full vision of a platform is architected, and a roadmap is created to identify functionality that provides the highest value for the least effort, lowest risk, and reduced cost. Customer satisfaction is at the center of our work.

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"The team was helpful, professional, thorough, and a delight to work with! We highly recommend the Shimshock Group."

-- Mary Jo Finch, Library Director, Westbank Community Library District

Innovative Technologies

We work with a variety of advanced technologies to maximize your customer relationships, including Drupal for content management, Alfresco for enterprise document and media management, Node.js for web application development, Magento for eCommerce, Appcelerator for mobile solutions, and Marketo for digital marketing and analytics.  We also have deep experience in both consumer and corporate social media platforms such as Yammer, HootSuite, and Sprout Social.

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