Here is what some of our recent clients have had to say about the services provided by the Shimshock Group:

I was highly impressed by the Shimshock Group's technical knowledge and their ability to prepare us for our New York Times media exposure.  They provided clear strategic vision, leadership, and important best practice expertise.  Their skills ensured the website exceeded performance expectations during a critical marketing event for our business.

-- Esther Gokhale, Founder, Gokhale Method Institute

The Shimshock Group's vision, planning, and technical delivery skills were essential to the success of our subscription system upgrade.  The new platform is much more stable, streamlines the purchasing process, and has reduced our customer service issues.  We've also really enhanced the subscriber experience by having Financial Sense Insider content directly available on the site and through iTunes.  We would not have been able to accomplish this project without the talents of Ron and his team.

-- James Puplava, President & CEO, PFS Group

With deep appreciation, we'd like to acknowledge the professional talent involved in designing and building this site ... namely the Shimshock Group ... In particular, we're grateful for the expertise, perseverance, and patience (!) of Ron Shimshock which were critical in making our vision reality.

-- Adam Taggart, Peak Prosperity President and Co-founder

The Shimshock Group has done an amazing job in building and maintaining this site. We wouldn't have a TF Metals Report without them. Let me state this clearly: I have complete confidence in Ron and the Shimshock Group. If you ever need a full-service technology consulting firm, I would give them a 100%, hearty recommendation.

-- Craig Hemke, founder and proprietor of TF Metals Report

Thank you for the excellent work performed by the Shimshock Group team! They transformed our existing web site into a dynamic content management platform, and have given us new ways to easily and quickly communicate with library members. We are also very appreciative of their mobile development experience and accessibility knowledge, which has been important to ensure we meet the needs of all of our visitors. The team was helpful, professional, thorough, and a delight to work with! We highly recommend the Shimshock Group.

-- Mary Jo Finch, Library Director, Westbank Community Library District

The Shimshock Group is our go-to partner for BetterNetworker.  We have worked together for a number of years and are extremely pleased with the technical acumen, diligence, quality of work, and attention to detail. 

Ron and his team have a very strong understanding of our business goals and clear ability to translate them into actionable solutions.  Their work is significantly important to the future success of our business.

-- Jesse Jameson, BetterNetworker CEO

Working with Ron has been a transformational experience for my business. Prior to his involvement, our website lacked a cohesive strategy and had many technical issues. We now have the thriving online community I had always hoped we would achieve. Ron has a special ability to understand business vision and translate it into tactical solutions, while effectively prioritizing tasks and managing trade-offs. Because of his efforts, our revenue, site traffic, subscriptions, exposure, and community participants have grown tremendously.

I have high expectations for the quality of my work and the work of those I employ, and Ron has continuously exceeded my expectations. He took ownership of all technical aspects, allowing me to focus my attention on building our community. The highest compliment I can give to Ron is I consider him to be a partner in my business. He is a trusted adviser and we would not be where we are today without him.

-- Chris Martenson, PhD, Co-Founder and Chairman, Peak Prosperity

If you would have asked me a couple of years ago if I would ever start a business, my immediate answer would have been "no". Today, I can't imagine doing anything other than running my organizing and redesign business, and I owe a large "thank you" to Ron Shimshock for helping to make this possible.

Ron provided support, helped me focus my energy in a positive way, and offered a variety of approaches on how to match my skills with what I'm most passionate about in life. After much reflection and review, I realized I had a natural talent for organizing and redesign, and wanted to share this with others. I'm glad I made the career shift, and I'm very happy with the results.

My business has been successful and I love my work. The Shimshock Group has continued to help TulaLife by building our corporate website, marketing materials, and providing continual business coaching. If you have an interest in starting your own business, but not sure where to start, definitely contact Ron. You will be glad you did.

-- Christie Dennison, Owner, TulaLife Inc.

If you are a new business just getting started, or an existing business wanting to grow, I highly recommend working with the Shimshock Group. They assisted us in every facet of our startup activities, including advice on incorporation, taxes, money management, operations, sales, and marketing. They always have gone above and beyond to meet our needs. 

The Shimshock Group also built our e-commerce website, and helped us create our initial marketing brochures, product labels, and business cards. We were extremely happy with the results and quality of work. Above all I really appreciate the regular coaching provided by Ron. He constantly encouraged me to keep moving forward even when tasks ahead seemed insurmountable, and shared solid advice on how I should be focusing my time and energy. Thank you for all your assistance!

-- Susan Cohen, Owner, Mrs. Root's Organics

Ron's skills and knowledge have played an important role in helping launch Lumigrate. All of our customers and business partners have been extremely impressed with the e-commerce website developed by the Shimshock Group. Also Ron's background in working with health and science companies was a significant asset for us. He was able to understand our business concerns and develop a comprehensive strategy for our progressive medical education online offerings.

Just as important as the technical work was the business coaching provided by Ron. His sales, marketing, and product distribution advice have been instrumental in providing us a clear plan of action. He has a very unique combination of business acumen, professionalism, and technical know-how.

Ron is highly reliable, always readily available when we needed his assistance, and extremely efficient. I highly recommend the Shimshock Group to anyone looking to start a company or grow an existing small business.

-- Mardy Ross, Founder and Executive Director, Lumigrate