Subscriber Acquisition Techniques Drive Online Sales

The Shimshock Group knows how to use the latest technologies, techniques, and marketing strategies to convert website visitors into paying customers. We are also extremely skilled in understanding what it takes to retain subscribers and assure they continue to be paying customers for years to come.

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Over the course of many large-scale project implementations, we have built successful solutions for subscriber newsletter systems, eCommerce offerings, and automated payment renewal solutions. We also have deep knowledge in how to optimize sales funnels, and how to use business intelligence and analytics to successfully measure results.

Contact us today to learn more about what our experts can do for your business. Examples of some of our most recent subscriber acquisition projects are shown below.

Evolved the subscription services system from a standalone to an integrated platform, developed new podcast distribution tools, and implemented applications to enhance performance, scalability, marketing, ecommerce, and support future growth of one of the top financial websites as cited by Barron's.

Definition, design, and development of an online community platform focused on the economy, environment, preparedness, and sustainability.

Full-service consulting partner of the website, which services over 125,000 members and a very high level of daily site traffic.  Our work has included all competencies -- from user interface design and information architecture, to custom module development and technical architecture, and everything in between.

The Shimshock Group was responsible for the development, enhancement, and growth of, which has now evolved into Peak Prosperity.  Read more about our work with Peak Prosperity by clicking here.