CRM + Drupal = Dynamic Customer Interaction

The Drupal Content Management System (CMS) has the tools and modules to supercharge your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. We have worked with numerous clients to identify connection points which can drive more opportunities and prospects. Our experience includes integrating with leading CRM platforms such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, CiviCRM, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

For example, you can greatly enhance your Salesforce platform by integrating with Drupal:

Shimshock Group Drupal Salesforce Integration

Drupal provides a robust tools for funneling prospects, leads, and opportunities into your CRM system in a seamless manner. Allow your sales and marketing teams to easily access information posted to your company website through the use of Drupal's Salesforce Suite, and custom modules developed with the rich Drupal API.

Shimshock Group Drupal-to-Salesforce Integration

Take your CRM system to the next level by integrating vital eCommerce and prospecting data into your internal sales process. We have strong experience transferring customer, order, and support information collected through products such as Drupal Commerce, Ubercart, and Magento into CRM components such as Salesforce objects. Doing so ensures your sales and marketing teams have full access to customer data, orders, and trends. This information helps enhance your future product marketing initiatives.

Also, important prospect and customer service information captured through your website should be sent directly to the CRM system to take advantage of its robust Lead Management, Opportunity Management, and Case Management solutions.

Shimshock Group Salesforce-to-Drupal Integration

Another significant opportunity is integrating Salesforce customer and product information into Drupal. Rather than duplicating effort to post products in both your CRM and CMS platforms, keep your CRM as the master repository and push updates to your online presence as warranted. Allow for a custom look-and-feel presence online, while key information (SKUs, product attributes, description, pricing, rules, etc.) are kept elsewhere. Salesforce is often used as a master customer record for many CRM implementations, and updates can be pushed to other platforms like Drupal as they happen.

Advanced features involving campaigns and analytics can also be integrated between Drupal and CRM systems like Salesforce, allowing important website marketing data to be made available to your staff.

We look forward to discussing the possibilities of how seamless opportunity, prospect, lead, customer, and product data can significantly benefit your sales and marketing teams.

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