Lumigrate develops and delivers video seminars for patients seeking to be proactive managers of their health, and for medical practitioners looking to increase their knowledge of specific medical conditions.  Lumigrate's seminars are conducted by leading medical professionals, and the company's stated goal is to be a trusted, honest and progressive source of information for health-seekers.

The Shimshock Group provided assistance in branding, product positioning, business strategy, and developing an e-commerce Internet presence where video seminars could be purchased and downloaded.  Shimshock Group also provided business coaching and technology advisory services throughout the length of the project.

  • Educational Services
  • Health Care
  • Information Services

Ron's skills and knowledge have played an important role in helping launch Lumigrate. All of our customers and business partners have been extremely impressed with the e-commerce website developed by the Shimshock Group. Also Ron's background in working with health and science companies was a significant asset for us. He was able to understand our business concerns and develop a comprehensive strategy for our progressive medical education online offerings.

Just as important as the technical work was the business coaching provided by Ron. His sales, marketing, and product distribution advice have been instrumental in providing us a clear plan of action. He has a very unique combination of business acumen, professionalism, and technical know-how.

Ron is highly reliable, always readily available when we needed his assistance, and extremely efficient. I highly recommend the Shimshock Group to anyone looking to start a company or grow an existing small business.

-- Mardy Ross, Founder and Executive Director, Lumigrate