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Shimshock Group - Drupal Partner We are leading Drupal consultants in content management, eCommerce, and integration with CRM and digital marketing systems. We are also an official DrupalCon Sponsor, and recently named a top Web Development company by SourcingLine.

The Shimshock Group has extensive experience with every version of Drupal since 4.7, and has built large-scale sites serving millions of page views per month, and e-commerce platforms driving significant online revenue. We are an Acquia Drupal Partner, a member organization of the Drupal Association, and are also featured in the Drupal Marketplace.

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Shimshock Group Acquia Partner DrupalCon Official Sponsor - Shimshock Group

Drupal has become the foundation for many successful online business. The software is open source, therefore there are no fees or licenses. Drupal has a rich set of functionality, and can be molded to create a basic blog, develop an online community, build a complex eCommerce site with Salesforce integration, and a variety of other solutions. The platform is very flexible, and can meet the needs of many different types of companies. We've developed solutions using Drupal for those in financial services, government, publishing, health care, media, non-profits, and many more.

Shimshock Group - Drupal Association Member If you're interested in building a platform using Drupal, talk to us. We can offer comparison to solutions from WordPress, TYPO3, and Joomla, and web frameworks such as Zend, Django, and Node.js. Our knowledge will help you understand what it takes to create the site you need. And by all means, consider starting small. The best advice we can give is build something which is focused and high value, yet low cost and effort. See how your customers react to your concepts, then continue to make new adjustments based on feedback.

Review some of our sample Drupal projects so you can better understand some of the possibilities. Also contact us to learn additional information about our Drupal experiences in areas such as eCommerce, search engine optimization (SEO), subscriber acquisition, and integration with CRM systems. We are even willing to provide an hour-long session with some tips and advice, at no cost or obligation.

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Developed the strategic plan for the site, and guided its implementation from the first design specifications until its public launch.  We also were responsible for the set up of all operational and financial activities to support the business.