About Us

The Shimshock Group is an online interaction consultancy focused on helping our clients maximize their customer relationships through sales, marketing, and technology initiatives.

Our services revolve around the six areas core to online success:

We offer a rigorous methodology, deep experience building business solutions, and a proven track record of enhancing clients' products and services. Our team helps organizations integrate strategies, processes, and advanced technology, and ensures solutions meet company needs, success metrics, and customer expectations.

Our Consultants

Shimshock Group consultants provide a unique mix of the innovation and creativity that exists in startups, with the knowledge and business savvy found in big corporations.  Many members of our team have worked at large consulting firms providing services to Fortune 500 companies, while others have experience as entrepreneurs and leaders of start-up businesses.  Some have done both.

This wide spectrum of skills allows us to share with clients the key traits which make big organizations successful, while providing the nimbleness and agility necessary to meet the demands of startups, emerging businesses, and non-profit organizations.  We are smart, creative and technologically adept.  We're not just technologists buried in computers; we are creative business minds that see the big picture, while understanding the technical details.

Our Approach

The Shimshock Success methodology is at the core of all of our client projects.  The approach emphasizes reducing releases into discrete and manageable phases of work.  Doing so accelerates the achievement of benefits, and mitigates overall risk.

Shimshock Success Methodology

An iterative approach is set as the project's foundation during the initial design process. The full vision of a platform is architected, and a roadmap is created to identify functionality that provides the highest value for the least effort, lowest risk, and reduced cost. A rolling schedule of releases is defined and modified over the course of time, similar to what is found in Agile development methodologies. 

Customer satisfaction is at the center of our work, and after an initial release has been launched, we expect on-going enhancements, collaboration, and changes to continually refine and improve the platform.

Our Technology Skills

Shimshock Group - Acquia Drupal Partner Shimshock Group projects regularly include technology implementation work and products such as Drupal, WordPress, Alfresco, Salesforce. Various social media tools are typically at the core of our solutions.  Regarding content management, we are a leading Drupal system integrator, having worked with every version 4.7. We are an Acquia Partner and a member of the Drupal Association. The consultants on our staff are highly skilled in Drupal, yet have capabilities far beyond typical software developers.

Shimshock Group - Drupal Association Member Companies hire us because we understand how to link technology to sales and marketing objectives, how to integrate social media to generate positive marketing ROI, and how to effectively balance technology options with realities of goals, timelines, and budgets. And, of course, companies hire us because we are technology experts.  We actively talk with our clients about their business strategies, and determine how products like Drupal or Salesforce can be configured, extended, or integrated to meet those needs.

In addition to our deep background in CRM, Content Management, and Social Media, our consultants are also highly knowledgeable in a number of other popular platforms, including eCommerce toolsets like Drupal Commerce and Ubercart, web application frameworks such as Symfony and Django, and mobile application development tools like Appceleration and PhoneGap.

As well, we understand the nuances involved in architecting, deploying, and hosting large-scale systems.  Many of our clients have sites and applications which receive millions of page views per month, and we are responsible for ensuring high uptime and availability.  We have technical consultants on staff who are specialists at technical architecture design, performance tuning, scalability, load testing, and building environmental redundancies.  We also work with some of the top hosting companies in the country, and have deep knowledge of the services they have to offer.  When clients need to prepare a site to meet the needs of a unique media exposure event, they contact us to help make it happen.

Contact us today to discuss how our best practices experience can allow you to achieve the strategic and technical goals you wish to achieve for your business.

Our Creative Skills

While technology is an important component of many Shimshock Group projects, the driving force behind the design of our solutions is our talented creative team.  We provide deep skills in areas such as User Experience (UX) Design, User Interface (UI) Design, Information Architecture (IA), and Creative Design.  Our creative leads and art directors guide clients through focus groups, personas definition, creative branding, and ultimately the development of a platform's visual design, logo, and print materials (business cards, letterhead, flyers, and marketing materials).

For growing businesses, we have marketing analysts on staff to perform market research, analyze trends, develop advertising campaigns, create press kits, and plan social media strategies.  We also have talented copywriters and editors generating targeted content to drive social media shares, page views, clicks, and lead prospects through your sales funnel to successful purchase.  Potential customers need to understand the value a business can provide, and our writers have a keen ability to connect with them in meaningful ways.  Contact us today so we can share case studies demonstrating how our creative marketing talents have directly led to amazing online growth for Shimshock Group clients.

Our Focus

  • Quality - we are always thoughtful and diligent in our work.
  • Partnership - we treat a client's business as though it were our own.
  • Quickness - for growing businesses, quick answers are everything.
  • Expertise - we bring bright minds that can think outside of well-worn boxes.

We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to provide top-notch expertise, exceptional service and bright ideas. You can learn more about our services or contact us for a free consultation.